So Official, LLC is your One-Stop Company for all your Entertainment needs. This includes but is not limited to services such as Consultation, Film and Production, Photography, Videography, Promotions, Marketing, Branding, Event Planning, Model Management, Modeling Services, Glamour Team, Talent Castings, Networking, and More. We work with a wide-range of business owners and companies on a small scale to a large platform; which encompasses the local and national markets. Working with smaller companies to major companies, we aid in raising brand awareness for So Official clientele.
     Our focus is to build your business with our Promotion, Marketing, and Branding strategies; we do this by obtaining a large platform and getting the necessary information to our fan-base via social media platforms, word-of-mouth, partners/affiliations, promotion and street team, and brand ambassador projects.
     So Official, LLC is a dedicated, steadfast, and vigorous company of integrity ready to work with you. If you are serious about your craft and tired of being sold a dream; email us today to get started at SoOfficialBusiness@gmail.com; one of our representatives will be waiting to hear from you!

Keep it So Official and Fly Above The Rest.